Technical Documentation and Safety Information

Jett-Stream Mufflers Welcome to the Jett Technical Information Library. In this section you will find all current technical bulletins, product instructions and operating instructions for all Jett Engines and performance accessories

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Please read entirely before operating your Jett engine

Engine Dimensions

View Dimensional Specifications for all Jett Engines
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Engine Instructions

Engine Instructions and Specialty Engine Manuals

Instructions for Sport Jett 46 - 50 - 56 - 60L

Instructions for Sport Jett 90L

Instructions for Sport Jett 46 - 50 - 56 - 60L

Accessory Instructions and Technical Guides

Jett Accessory instructions and Technical Operating Guides

Instructions for Bubble Jett Fuel Tanks

Jett Carburator Setting - basic instructions

Using Standard Fuel Tanks with Jett Engines

Jett Videos

Engine Instructional Videos on YouTube